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7 Most Popular Types of Sign Vinyls

What Are Sign Vinyls? There are different types of signage that your clients can use to promote their business, but among the most common ones are sign vinyls. Sign vinyls are simply signs that are made from vinyl, which is a plastic material.   Sign vinyls are flexible and more affordable compared to other signage.

Wholesale Reseller Mini C-Grip

Get wholesale reseller Mini C-Grip for your clients so they can help protect their employees from the coronavirus. These times, safety products are essential for everyone, especially to front-line workers. C-grip helps reduce touching doors and buttons. Therefore, using this safety device also helps reduce the risk of getting the virus. Because of its small

Wholesale Social Distancing Floor Decals

This COVID-19 pandemic, it’s important business owners use barriers or signs to keep their employees and customers safe. Social Distancing is also crucial. According to the World Health Organization, people keep at least 1 meter away from each other to reduce the risk of getting infected or spreading the coronavirus. Help your clients curb the

Wholesale Business Signs and Displays

Help your clients keep their employees and customers up-to-date with our wholesale business signs and displays. A-frame signs, yard signs, large format posters, banners, and vinyl are available in different sizes and shapes. You can also use our templates to create the signs and displays that your clients need for their businesses. Please feel free to contact

Wholesale Sneeze Guards – Acrylic Barrier

To create a more physical distance between your clients’ employees and their customers, we have released our wholesale sneeze guards and they’re available in different sizes. Sneeze Guard is an acrylic barrier that they can use in their banks, retail stores, take out counters, or other establishments. It is portable, free-standing, and easy to install.

C-Shield Version 2 – New Design Wholesale Reseller Face Shields

During this pandemic, safety equipment is crucial, especially to front-line employees. We recently released our C-Shield, a custom-designed face shield that can be used as a protective device to minimize the spread of the germs by covering the face. Now, we have released a new wholesale reseller face shield design that you can also customize

Wholesale Reseller Face Shields

Protective gears are necessary especially to front-line workers during this uncertain time. For this reason, we have released a wholesale reseller face shields that you can get for your clients to protect their front-line employees from the coronavirus. C-Shield is a custom-designed face shield that is made in the USA. It is a Corona Virus

The Benefits of Using a C-Grip During COVID-19 Pandemic

While some people are vulnerable to COVID-19, everyone is still at risk. According to the World Health Organization (WHO), this coronavirus can stay in objects for hours or even days. Thus, your clients must provide protective gears such as c-grips to their employees. The Benefits of Using a C-Grip For Virus Protection C-Grips can be

Wholesale COVID-19 Products for Your Clients

In this difficult time, we have created wholesale COVID-19 products to help you and your clients support testing agencies, restaurants, and local shops. All items are made in the USA. 3 Wholesale COVID-19 Products to Use on Advertising for Emergency Relief Feather Flags Feather flags are a great way to put out the word that

How We’re Dealing With Coronavirus and Exploring New Opportunities

The coronavirus (COVID-19) has severely affected many industries including ours. With trade shows being canceled and entire cities on lockdown, it’s hard to see the silver lining during this pandemic. Nonetheless, we continue to keep our printing operations ongoing.  We have a solid yet flexible plan in place and we assure all our partners and

What is Bleed and Why Does it Matter When Printing?

What is Bleed and Why Does it Matter When Printing? Bleed in printing What is bleed? In printing bleed is needed to make proper cuts and provide a good final product. So, what is bleed? Bleed is the area between the edge of the sheet and the final print size that will get trimmed off.

Marketing Strategies On How To Sell More To Existing Customers

Nowadays, competitors are high amongst various industries. Serving the best to the customer is an important step in every business. Due to the pressure over the companies as well as the salesperson one need to follow some marketing strategies in order to stand out differently from others. When customers are offered the best dealing they

Business Cards

Nuwave offers wholesale printing for resellers at affordable rates. Trust us with the high quality and best products. We are a wholesale printing company providing products to resellers. Our in-house team of designers is well equipped to prove you with the best results. Our products meet the industry quality standards and you can never be

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