All orders must be received in writing, either via fax or e-mail or via online using our e-commerce platform. Products found on our site is 100% e-commerce which is why you may sometimes not find some items. Purchase orders (PO) may be faxed or e-mailed to sales department.

Online orders cut off time is 11 AM and goes straight to production or proofing.

For accurate service and fast processing, please include the following on your purchase orders:

·         Complete contact information

·         Item number and quantity

·         Industry ID number if applicable

·         In hand date if applicable

·         Shipping address, method, and carrier account number

·         Art sent to art dept. email account or via the upload link.

Factory is not responsible for any fax or email malfunction that affects receipt and/or omitted information on order.

For fastest processing and production, orders can be placed online.

All documents received after 4:00 PM EST will be counted as received the next day.

Re-orders: Please reference your most recent purchase order number and/or NuWave’ sales order (SO) number. Artworks are kept on file for 24 months. Any artwork altered in any way is not considered a repeat order.

Acknowledgment: NuWave acknowledges all orders in writing within 24/48 hours. Please review this carefully and contact us immediately with any discrepancies. Any changes made to an order after receipt must be confirmed in writing and may incur additional charges. Artwork will be checked upon processing completion.

Order changes: A $5.00 (Z) charge will be added to order changes that have already been processed and approved such as changes in the shipping address, shipping method, etc.

Set Ups: Setup charges vary by items but most items do not incur set up charge.

Credit policy: Orders will not be produced without pre-payment. We accept all major credit cards.

Over/Under Run Policy: Orders are subject to a 5% overrun/ under run and will be billed accordingly.

Order Minimum: There is a $15.00 (Z) minimum per order requirement.

Cut Off Times:

Tyvek and Silicone Wristbands:

·         11:30 A.M. EST

Offset and Digital Printing:

·         11:30 A.M. EST

Trade Show Displays and Table Throws and Runners:

·         1:00 P.M. EST


·         1:00 P.M. EST

Production time: Production time begins only after approval of artwork, credit, and complete paperwork. Rush available upon request and availability at the time. Standard lead time is subject to capacity and inventory levels. Factory reserves the right to adjust lead times; customer will be contacted regarding an affected order. Orders will ship on or before scheduled ship date via freight method on PO. Keep in consideration that some orders may be ready on the estimated ready date, but after shipping cut off time and therefore will ship the following day.

Production time disclaimer: NuWave is not responsible for circumstances beyond our control and will make a valid effort to produce everything of the highest quality and on time based on the given estimate. If delivery is impaired by an act of GOD, machine failures, shipping delays, etc. NuWave will make every necessary attempt to complete and get the order produced on time. If a job is time critical we suggest placing a rush order if adequate time is not given for unforeseen circumstances, if possible. Estimates are only approximate and based on regular circumstances and are not guaranteed.


The quality of your imprint depends upon the quality of artwork supplied to us! Art work can be e-mailed to art dept. email account or uploaded via an FTP drop box on our site.

Factory is not responsible for any fax or email malfunction that affects receipt and/or omitted information on order. Artwork will be checked upon processing completion.


When sending your artwork via e-mail it is very important that you include the following information:

In the subject area:

·         PO number/invoice and company name

In the message area:

·         Company name, your name, phone number, and fax number

·         Item number

·         In hand date if applicable

Prior to submission of “print-ready” artwork or approval of design for printing, it is the customer’s responsibility to ensure that all edits are finalized, with content and design having been carefully reviewed and proofread to his/her satisfaction. Furthermore, we are not responsible for proofing any submitted “print-ready” jobs and will not accept responsibility or liability for any content or design errors within submitted “print-ready” artwork or after final approval of the design for printing that has been provided. After proofs have been finalized no changes will be made. Additional charges may be added or none at our own discretion for extra time spend re-rendering files.

Graphic designs fees:

·         Business cards $25.00 (Z) for basic design and $35.00 (Z) for full graphic design

·         Flyers $80.00 (Z)

·         Brochures $150.00 (Z)

·         Booklets $200.00+ (Z)

·         Posters $50.00 (Z)

·         Banners $50.00 (Z)

Artwork, when submitted, is assumed to be in full compliance with laws governing copyrights, trademarks, etc. Client assumes all responsibility for proper permission of copyrighted images, text, and logos placed on flyers, business cards, etc.

We are not responsible for typographical errors incorporated in submitted artwork. Factory reserves the right to make slight alternations in copy, logos, and artwork to adapt imprinting processes.

Graphic displays dimensions are subject to change without notice and we may adjust artwork to proper size.

Art Specifications: Please remember all offset and digital printing files must be submitted as JPEG/PDF at 300 DPI with at least an extra 1/8″ bleed (cutting margin), CMYK and in the size needed.
Business cards submit as 3.75×2.25″
For large format jobs submit with at least 150 dpi and in the size needed.
For retractable banner stands please leave at least 2″ of inside bleed at the bottom of the design to be fed into the base of the standard 1” of inside bleed at the top.
For table throws and silicone wristbands artwork needs to be in vector format.
For tyvek and vinyl wristbands artwork needs to be in JPEG at 300 dpi.

Note: If sending pdf all fonts must be embedded.

Templates are available on the site under the “art” tab.

Revisions for artwork provided/adjusted by us:The client is entitled to 3 revisions per job on the initial design, after that amount there may be an extra charge, usually +-$15.00 (Z) extra depending on the job (EACH ADDITIONAL CHANGE will be charged as followed: $25.00 (Z) for flyers, $15.00 (Z) for business cards, and $45.00 (Z) for brochures). So please critique the first proof well with any changes needed and it’s always best to include all details for the initial design.

All information must be provided at the start of the job or told in advance of possible changes, this will save the chance of designs having to be revised and extending the completion time. Once the job is approved any changes will incur an additional design fee. We try and complete each client’s job as quickly and efficiently, so we request that these guidelines be followed. We dedicate a certain amount of time per client in order to give each client enough time in a day to complete their job. These fees will only be waived unless agreed upon with the designer.

Typesetting: NuWave offers up to 3 lines of text at no charge to be added to artwork or considered as full artwork, if applicable. If a specific font is required, the name of the font must be noted on PO. If we do not have the font, the client will be billed for the charges involved in acquiring the font.

Typesetting Errors: NuWave is not responsible for errors resulting from a copy that was received or approved incorrectly.

Please note our design policies: Customers are entitled to 3 proofs per design done by NuWave or otherwise noted.

Files: NuWave owns the rights to all editable files produced, we are only responsible for finished products not what it took to produce the desired materials. If these files are needed there will be an additional release charge. If any logos are wanted from the design, there will be an additional logo cost expense.

Double& triple sided banner stands/A Signs/Mounted Signs: Double and triple sided banner stands, A Signs, and mounted signs with a different imprints on each side will incur in a $20.00 (G) setup fee per different artwork 1-3qt, $55.00 (G) for the order for change of artwork 4-12qt, $87.00 (G) for the order for change of artwork 13-21qt, contact factory for higher quantities).

PMS Color Matching: WE CANNOT GUARANTEE PMS COLOR MATCHING. We will provide the closest match available color in CMYK to match PMS requested. PMS number must be referred on PO and included in the artwork. Table throws color imprints do not come in every PMS color.

Art Disclaimer: Due to gang runs printing process of flyers and prints exact colors and flyer and print cuts cannot be guaranteed. If your job is color critical please let us know and we will print your job with a color proof match for reference, an additional cost will apply. We are not responsible for poor quality print from images that are sent in 72 dpi which is typically images that are pulled off the web. All images must be in 300 dpi. All print jobs must be sent in CMYK and in the proper sizes, we are not responsible for resizing or editing any jobs sent to us to print. We do try and make a valid effort to proof files but in an effort to produce your jobs quickly, this is not always possible.

PRINT and Faulty Goods: All offset jobs are printed in gang runs unless noted otherwise. When printing in gangs multiple jobs are pooled together on sheets and saves setup costs, time, and paper. By doing this, slight variations in color and cut cannot be guaranteed, this is an industry standard with gang runs. It is recommended that a color match proof is ordered or that our color safe key is utilized which will allow you to have a reasonable expectation of color output. Although it is impossible to definitively match a given color, these colors are considered safe and less susceptible to large shifts in appearance.

In printing, it is possible in some cases for a few misprints. We always try our best to always provide the best in quality and will normally replace flyers that are heavily (majority) misprinted if not noticed before packaging.

For any kind misprinted or unacceptable goods, the client has 48 hours to review, contact the factory, and return ALL of the printed or faulty goods within one week. Once returned we will review the matter and determine a suitable solution or if they will be replaced. NuWave will make every effort to handle any problems with an order to the best of our abilities. Client is responsible for shipping cost unless otherwise approved by factory.

Please note all large quantity flyer jobs are printed on 14 pt. card stock with UV coating unless specified.

Digital print work: Booklets (unless full bleed cover insert was requested), posters, presentation folders, and letterheads are printed with no bleed unless requested with additional costs.


Table Throws and Runners: Table throws and runners are imprinted using thermal imprint (a soft thin vinyl material made for fabric-similar to heat press); only quantities higher then 20qt will be screen printed.

Vinyl Wristbands: Vinyl bands are pad printed.

Large Format: Vinyl mounted on the material or direct to media.

Printing: All paper stocks are white unless otherwise specified.

:: PROOFS ::                                                                                                                                                               

Product Proof: Product proofs are available upon request for most items and will be charged set up fees and product fee; check for availability.

Virtual Proof: Email proofs are standard for silicone wristbands and table throws at no extra cost. Proofs are available for other items upon request. Proofs are sent after order approval and accounting clearance. First proofs are free; any proofs after that with new information will be charged $7.00 (Z).

Please allow about 24-48 hours (business days) for e-mailed or fax proof. Proofs are not available with rush orders unless requested by art/production department.


All proof approvals received after 4:00 PM EST will be counted as received the next day.


Purchase Orders are non-cancelable after 72 hours of transmission and customer is responsible for all fees incurred to date of cancellation, including raw materials, labels, and packaging, involved with your order. If an order has gone in production prior to the 72 hours cancelation period then the order cannot be canceled under any circumstances. A $10.00 (Z) processing fee for canceled order within 24 hours will apply and a $25.00 (Z) processing fee and a $10.00 (Z) proof fee (if applicable) will be charged for orders canceled within 72 hours. A credit card processing fee will incur and varies per order. Cancelations must be made in writing via email or faxed. You will receive and invoice for any and all charges associated with your order up to that point.