7 Most Popular Types of Sign Vinyls

What Are Sign Vinyls?

There are different types of signage that your clients can use to promote their business, but among the most common ones are sign vinyls. Sign vinyls are simply signs that are made from vinyl, which is a plastic material.


Sign vinyls are flexible and more affordable compared to other signage. They are also much easier and convenient to use because they are basically large stickers; they are attached to any surface using adhesive.


Nonetheless, not all sign vinyls are the same. Although they are all made from the same material (i.e., vinyl) and are set up in the same way (i.e., using adhesive), there isn’t only one way to create the whole signage.


You see, there are different types of vinyls and different ways of printing. That said, it’s important that you encourage your clients to choose the best type of sign vinyl for their business.

7 Most Popular Types of Sign Vinyls

No one can go wrong with sign vinyls, no matter the type, because they are generally great for all businesses, even the small ones, especially if they are placed in a location where there are a lot of people.


But in case your clients have specific preferences when it comes to the style or the durability of their vinyl signage, there actually are a lot of choices. Here are the 10 most popular types of sign vinyls.

1. Cast Vinyl

Cast vinyl is flexible, and it’s due to its being thin. Despite that, however, it’s durable. This is the type of vinyl that’s commonly used for vehicle wraps. It’s one of the best vinyls in the market. It is designed to stretch and curve on cars and truck rivets.

2. Calendered Vinyl

Calendered vinyl comes from the same material as cast vinyl, but it’s more affordable due to not having all the same properties. The reason it is cheaper is that it does not have the elastic properties that wrap vinyls have that allows it to wrap around curves, stretch and typically has air release features. Calendared is designed for flat surfaces only.

3. Matte VinylMatte vinyl

Matte vinyl is the type of vinyl that minimizes light reflection which is often used in trade show displays and step and repeat backdrops. You won’t be able to see fingerprints there because fingerprints typically show from greasy fingers. Matte also allows better prints since it absorbs better into the material vs glossy coating which goes on top of the material.

4. Glossy Vinyl

Unlike matte vinyl, glossy vinyl is shining when the lights are on or when the sun is out. This attracts attention, especially when placed outdoors, because of the reflection.

5. Translucent Vinyl

Translucent vinyls are usually used for overlay purposes. If your clients want to add subtle colors to their signage, you can suggest translucent vinyl. This type of vinyl is commonly used for window signs.

6. Cut Vinylcut vinyl graphics

Cut vinyl signs involve individual letters and elements that form a whole picture. They can either be cut through a machine or by hand and typically come in colored rolls vs digital printing.

7. Backlit Vinyl

Backlit vinyls look better at night because they are supposed to look better at night. These signs have a matte finish and are translucent. They also don’t get damaged easily even during tough weather conditions, which is why a lot of businesses choose them for their outdoor signage.

8 Examples of Sign Vinyls

Sign vinyls are common. In fact, almost all establishments all over the world use them because they are not expensive and are simple to use. Here are 5 examples of sign vinyls that can be found anywhere.

1. Vehicle WrapsCar wrap

Vehicle wraps could cover the whole vehicle or just a part of it. These are used either to improve the look of the vehicle or to conceal some damages on it, or for promotion purposes if the vehicle is a company vehicle.


The vehicle wraps could be plain color or with a design.

2. Perforated Window Vinyls

Perforated window vinyls are commonly found in malls. These vinyls are apparently put on windows either to promote something or to inform. Both the outsiders and the insiders are able to see these vinyls.

3. Wall Wraps

Wall wraps work in the same way as wallpapers. They could either be used to cover an entire wall or just a portion of it. Most wall wraps are used to improve the appearance of the wall or the entire room, but they could also be used to advertise something.

4. Frosted Glass Vinyls

Frosted glass vinyls are used to somewhat add privacy to a room (e.g., conference rooms or rooms where people meet). These are used in business settings, usually for offices.

5. Vinyl Lettering

Vinyl lettering are basically cut vinyls. Hence, these are the signs that are in pieces. They are found mostly in boutiques, small shops, and clinics.

6. Floor Vinyl

Floor vinyls are good alternatives to floor tiles, especially if you have a limited budget, because they are also durable and can last a long time. There’s a wide range of floor vinyl designs, some of which mimic those of ceramic tiles.

7. Table Vinyl

Table vinyl is used to improve the look of a table. That said, if you want to have a stylish table but don’t have the money for it, you can simply buy any table you can afford and customize it using table vinyls.

8. Static Cling

You can use static clings if you don’t want to use adhesive-based vinyls. Static clings make use of static electricity to “cling” to any surface made from glass, plastic, or metal. These aren’t suitable for all weather conditions, though.

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