32 pt. Silk Laminated Business Cards | Max Finishing Options

32 pt. Silk Laminated Business Cards | Max Finishing Options

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MSRP: $248.00 - $1,301.00

Our 32 pt. silk laminated business cards are a premium business card for those who understand quality and are one of our coolest business cards. They are double thick (2x 16 pt. layers layered and duplex together). These are ultra thick business cards that will impress anyone.


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Material: They are silk laminated (matte) on 2 sides printed on 2 white layers of 16 pt. card stock

Print: Full color on 1 or 2 sides
Turnaround time: 17-19 days, additional 2-3 days with options

Add on options: spot uv, painted edges, raised spot uv, die cutting, laser die cut, round corners, foil stamping and embossing

The fact that this card is two layers is what makes it very unique and here is the reasons why:
Embossing: Anyone who has ever embossed a business card knows that the raised side looks great, but the back has an indentation, which means if you have a print there it will look ugly. You are also able to emboss 2 sides which is normally not possible.
Laser and die cutting: With this process you are able to make some truly unique layering and 3d effects. You are also able to do unique colors that can show through where the cutting area has been punched out with things like foil, spot uv or just printed designs. This makes great use of the fact that it gives a window type look.

Use die cutting or laser cutting to show through under layers back of card 1 to show a unique image design through card layer 2.

Laser cutting vs die cutting:
Die cutting is best when used for outer shapes or non intricate/larger details on the inside.
Laser cutting is best for intricate small and sharp cuts due to the precise laser points it can cut. Note on some colors there may be a slight burning of the edges but most of the time it is not noticeable.

When doing painted edges colors may bleed SLIGHTLY to the surface of the cards, this is most apparent when using dark colors

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Silk Laminated


32 pt.

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