Premium Table Top Sneeze Guard 24×36″

Premium Table Top Sneeze Guard 24×36″

MSRP: $205.65

This counter top sneeze shield is an easy way to create more physical distance between employees and guests during business exchanges. It will not only help your client’s store enforce social distancing guidelines but it will also create an overall cleaner and safer environment.

Quantity discounts available.

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Size: 24×36″h or 24×36″w free standing display

Material: 3/16th acrylic with 1″ rounded corners for sneeze guards up to 30×40″, larger pieces will have a small 1/8th round edge so it is not sharp.

Production time: 7+ business days, all are made to order. Larger orders may see longer production times.

Includes acrylic and 2 premium legs

Optional Branding: 8″xwidth” wide UV printed, full color.

Optional Cut Out: 8×15″, 2×15″ or none. Note sneeze guard height can be adjusted to leave up to a 3″ gap from table to acrylic to pass through, without purchasing a cut out. Cut outs are only available on sneeze guards up to 30×40″

Prices and inventory subject to availability and demand from acrylic suppliers, especially during this economic times.

Cleaning Notes: Polycarbonate and acrylic products are designed to be reusable and cleanable. Do not use unapproved cleaners or disinfectants on sheet products. Generally speaking, hydrogen peroxide and isopropyl alcohol-based sanitizers work best as disinfectants on polycarbonate and acrylic, a diluted solution is suggested. Disinfectants containing hydroxides, dimethyl benzyl or ethyl ammonium chloride, ethylenediamines and hypochlorite will crack the polycarbonate sheets. Simple soap (some use vinager) and water is also a good cleaning agent. It is suggested to use only natural cleaning products to prolong the life of the product. Do not use Lysol spray it will crack the product especially if left soaked. Clorox wipes have been said to work fine but natural products are best. If ordering printed version do not clean it with chemicals, natural products suggested.



Hydrogen Peroxide 28%, Isopropyl Alcohol, Soap Solution Compatible
Isopropyl Alcohol – diluted with water to 30% strength Compatible
Bleach – household grade Compatible
Hydrogen Peroxide – pharmacy grade Compatible
Prostat Sterile Wiped PS-911EB Compatible
Perodox RTU Compatible
Safetec Surface Wipes Compatible
Steiplex SD Compatible
Shockwave Disinfectant Not Compatible
Preempt RTU Multi-surface disinfectant cleaner Not Compatible
Clorox Regular Bleach 100% Not Compatible
Clorox Regular Bleach 50% Not Compatible
Clorox Regular Bleach 10% Not Compatible
Clorox Regular Bleach 1% Not Compatible
Ethyl Alcohol – pharmacy grade Not Compatible
Clorox Health Care Bleach Germicidal Cleaner Not Compatible
Accel TB Not Compatible
Clorox Broad Spectrum Quaternary Disinfectant Cleaner Not Compatible
 Zep 40 Not Compatible
ZEP Spirit II Not Compatible
PDI Super Sani-Cloth Not Compatible
Lysol Disinfectant Not Compatible

Note above is suggestions for long term use suggested by manufacturers of acrylic/polycarbonate products. Long term use of non-compatible products may crack or bubble over time but may be fine in the short term. This product is not considered as medically approved by the FDA and does not guarantee against any viruses. Always use safe practices and do as much as you can to stay protected, this is only part of the puzzle.


Weight 9 lbs
Dimensions 26 × 38 × 3 in


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