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PVC Chalk Boards with Frame 24×48″

PVC Chalk Boards with Frame 24×48″

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MSRP: $222.00

The custom boards are a great addition to every company and stores. This item is great for of ce boards such as displaying fi
rules, proceedures and any branding. Includes plastic colored frame and custom full color imprint on 6mm PVC. FREE SET UP.

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Cut off time 11 AM. Eastern. Estimated ready date 04/15/2020 Note time does not include rushes, proofs or extra options.

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Print: full color imprint, logo/image only, no small text or lines. Vinyl imprint. 12×12″ area.
Material: 6MM PVC
Edge: Durable pvc edge caps

Weight 8 lbs
Dimensions 25 × 73 × 3 in


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