Not many people know what a trade printer does. A Trade Printer is a printing company that sells printing materials to only those resellers who are in the print-based industry at wholesale rates. Trade Printer provide wholesale printing for resellers to Graphic designers, ad agencies, marketing firms, print brokers, copy shops and other printing companies etc since these are all related to the print-based industry in some of the other ways. We also sell to the ad specialty agency such as ASI, PPAI, Distributor Central and Sage.

Wholesale Trade printers never make their name and information very public for the end users of the reseller so that the reseller does not get affected in any way. If you have a company that deals with day to day printing (like Graphic artists, ad agencies etc) or looking to expand your product line Nuwave can supply you the best wholesale printing in the market.

Products offered by Nuwave Signs and Printing are:

Trade Only Banner Printing:

We are all aware of what banners are. These are generally a long strip of vinyl or related material that has the company names and essential details printed for promotion purpose. It usually has slogans or catchy promotional lines printed on it. Banners catch the viewer’s attention instantly.

Benefits of Banners-

  • Cost-effective
  • Targets the right audience
  • People can easily recall your name
  • Portable

Trade Show Displays:

It is important to attend your industry related trade shows to gain exposure. A trade show is a good way of demonstrating and telling about your products and services to people who might be your potential customers. To get maximum potential customers you should have an excellent and interactive trade show display. A trade show display includes products like A-Frame signs, tents, tabletop display, X-Type banner stand, retractable banner stands etc.

Banner Stands:

As the name suggests, banner stands simply are stands to hold a banner. There are 3 main types of banner stands depending on your business needs for indoor and outdoor signs.

Retractable Banner Stands

  • X – Type and L-Type Banner Stands
  • All Portable Banner Stands

Imprinted Table Covers:

An imprinted table cover can have your company name, logo, tagline or any other image or text printed on a table cover. You can use this table cover for a trade show, exhibition or your own business outlet. It will enhance your brand identity and make you stand out in the crowd. The cover size can vary according to your needs and requirements. They are offered in two types dye sublimation and thermal imprint.

Types of imprinted table covers we offer:

  • Thermal imprint table covers for trade shows with flame retardant properties and 1 to full color imprints.
  • Dye sublimation prints for all over custom design


  • Commands- attention
  • Attractive
  • Informative
  • Portable


Wristbands can also prove to be a marketing tactic for your business. You can have customized wristband made for your company promotion. In a trade show, industry meeting or an exhibition, you can make your employees wear similar and customized wristbands to make them recognizable from a distance.

We offer wristbands of two types:

  • Silicone wristbands: great marketing giveaways or awareness
  • Tyvek wristbands: great for parties and events to manage paid and non paid guests or for re-entry
business card

Business Cards:

Business cards are small cards made out of paper that have the basic details about your business like business name, address, phone number, etc. These are highly portable and can be carried anywhere in your pocket. These are useful when you want to tell someone about your business or address. You can easily give it away to people as business information or memory so that they can contact you whenever they want to.

We offer a very large array of wholesale full color business card:

  • Foil stamped Die Cut Linen
  • Raised Spot UV Silk Matte Laminated
  • Painted Edges Uncoated
  • Digital Business Cards 100+ qty.
  • Uv Coated and many more types and finishes


  • Instantly conveys your basic business details
  • Portable
  • People can easily reach to you
  • Affective and cheap marketing


Postcards have turned out to be a new way of promotion and telling people about your business. It is a simple piece of paper that can be customized depending on your business. It is an attractive piece of paper that has your business details written on it in a fancy way so that it looks attractive. You can write down any promotional offers, any presently running discounts or anything relevant and hand it over to people so that they know about your business and the offers and discounts you offer. Nuwave offers wholesale postcards at attractive prices.

vinyl decals

Vinyl Decals:

These are simply wall stickers that have any logo, sign, or text printed on them. Most people use logos as stickers as it is the easiest way to stay in the customer’s mind. These decals can be of a variety of sizes and shapes depending on your needs. Printing on decals is done with ink that lasts for long even in outdoors.

Large Format Printing:

It is usually done to print the company name or logo in a large format. These large format prints can be used outside the office so that people can easily locate it from distance. Be it a large cheque, oversized banner, large carpets for showrooms, wall posters, Diagrams and Charts, Promotional Signage, Event Announcements all these come under large format printing.

We offer following varieties of trade only large format printing and signs :

  • Adhesive vinyl decals
  • Wall graphics
  • Cut Vinyl
  • Banners
  • Vehicle Wraps
  • Channel Letters
  • Laser cut acrylic
  • PVC Boards

Why choose us?

  • We will provide you the best quality and reliable wholesale commercial printing.
  • We will never disclose our identity to your client base so we can drop ship without worry of them contacting us.
  • We are well equipped and capable enough of handling bulk orders or custom orders.
  • We have an established and loyal customer base that has always been satisfied by our service.
  • Providing wholesale printing for over 10 years.
  • The widest assortment of products.