Wholesale COVID-19 Products for Your Clients

In this difficult time, we have created wholesale COVID-19 products to help you and your clients support testing agencies, restaurants, and local shops. All items are made in the USA.

3 Wholesale COVID-19 Products to Use on Advertising for Emergency Relief

Feather Flags

Rectangular Feather Flag

Feather flags are a great way to put out the word that your client’s business is still open or direct traffic to a testing zone. They also consume less space compared to other types of flags which makes them very convenient to use.

Deluxe Signacade A Frame

signacade a frame for indoor and outdoor use

To let customers know that a business is still ongoing despite the current pandemic, deluxe signacade frames are helpful. They’re easy to assemble and great for indoor and outdoor use.

Emergency Tents

emergency tent

If your clients are looking for something to use for roadside testing or for restaurant roadside pickups, emergency tents would be a nice product. Tents can help them protect their customers from direct sunlight or rain.

Get these wholesale COVID-19 products for your clients now.

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